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Author Topic: WU Transfers, Paypal Transfers, Cash App, Skrill, Venmo Loaded Accounts  (Read 1023 times)



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Western Union/PayPal Transfers Available.
(Western Union)
-pay 50% upfront the last 50% after you received the transfer.
-You will get the MTCN W/ Senders name in selected state.
-I only do in US, EU, UK.

-I can transfer money on any PayPal account same applies ^^
-I only do in US, UK.

-CashApp/Venmo accounts comes loaded with funds. (Funds vary from low as $145- $6800.) Prices Varies.
-Only in US.

-(BTW Scammers you can’t scam me so don’t try it)
-(Legit Business only with confidence... Don’t try to bs me!

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