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Author Topic: western union pick up  (Read 359 times)



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western union pick up
« on: 09:55:56 PM »
am a bank worker,... firstly i can pick up as we bank workers always rejected you guys all the time.. this is because western union scam is so huge... my co worker can turn away people w some sound excuse if he suspects fraud and pick up the cash for himself once you live//... i mean what can you do?

i will do the pick up... i can even get u ids of people who came to the bank in the past id to transfer to without their concern... after all its just a photocopy,, in my country any bank transaction requires an id card .... so i can give you the id of people  who came to pay utility bills id as drop simple...

i get you the drop we share the cash both ways.. .. nothing below 2k usd and nothing exceeding 4 k i can receive up to two transactions in a week for starters,,,.... am a bank staff so this is legit ..... lets get working......

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