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Warming up shops
« on: 03:05:19 PM »
Today we will talk about , how and why to do it.

Warming up shops - communication with the seller or the manager before the drive. It can be by phone, it can be in an online chat, it can be an email.

Driving in - payment for buying someone else's money, usually someone else's card.

His main goal is to increase success by driving. You can even "force" the manager to drive for you)) This is the so-called driving through the phone. I will give an example so that you understand what I mean.

We want to drive a watch from some shop. We remember all the characteristics. Color, size, shape, brand, etc. We call the consultant and say that we want a watch like our friend bought, but we cannot find it. We describe the parameters. The consultant will name several models, among which will be yours) And then we ask for help to pay. Dictate map data, address, etc.

You can also call just in the store and already say that you chose the product, but you can not pay and ask for help. We also dictate data to the consultant. The chance that the tranz will pass is so higher than just trying to drive through the payment on the site)

Also, when warming up shops, you can use different news and invent stories. Suppose if the cardholder lives in a city where there is a flood or something. You can squeal that you are now in another city, and your laptop stayed at home and most likely suffered because of the flood, and you urgently need a new one) So you can drive into another city with great success)

There are also subtleties that allow you to convince the seller that you are the cardholder. Suppose you break through the next street, and say that you are nearby now, with a friend. Turn on the American TV channel or radio for the background. Maybe even just a movie in English. in a language so that someone can put a noise on the background)) Everything depends only on your fantasy.

The most important thing is knowledge of the language. I advise you to watch several TV shows in English in order to learn to understand them. Well, in general, learn English, the necessary thing)

It is also very important to understand the psychology of man. How exactly should I talk to convince a person. Another important point in warming up in advance is to find out the maximum information and keep it on hand so as not to dull at the right moment. And be able to answer when info is unknown)

As for the accent, do not worry about it. In America, there is not so suspicious of this topic) Since there are a lot of different nationalities. They are used to it.

If you do not know the language very well, can not react quickly at the time of the call, etc., then warm up via email or chats. The technique is the same, but the implementation is simpler) But the call is usually more convincing.

Successful warming up shops, bro)

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