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Author Topic: Setting up android for carding - part 1  (Read 1389 times)



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Hello. Today, the article will be about the short tuning of the android.

First you need an android. Do not take a new phone / tablet.
Buy some kind of phone with Ebay or some, don't need expensive.

I'm once hammered a tablet from Samsung to this day, sometimes I work with it.
The device must necessarily have root rights.

How to put them? on each device in different ways.
Now I have downloaded to you the programs that are needed on the android.
After you got the root, put morelangs.
An application to translate your system to your device into any other language.
Then download and install xposed installer.
We put Device-Id-Changer - the program helps to change all the data on the android.
Next put rootcloak.
Go to the xposed installer on Download and write in the search.
rootcloak Choose the first version with the word OLD, if you have an android up to 4 on and 4, if android 5 or 6, then choose below.

Go to the VERSIONs tab and download 1.4.
rootcloak - hides root rights for ODA applications. Because if you beat the android through the applications of the shop, then the shop will burn, that you have the root of the law and maybe you will not miss the tranz or just throw fraud points.
Again go to the xposed installer on Download and write in the search for Fake My Gps and download the very first.
From the title I think it is clear that this is a program for replacing the place of the situation.
Go to the xposed installer -> modules and put a tick on all our applications. Here's how on the screen below.

Then restart.

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