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Author Topic: CC to Bitcoin method  (Read 1080 times)



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CC to Bitcoin method
« on: 02:19:47 AM »
 You want to make money? Make almost .2875 bitcoin a day? That is 2,000 usd. This is my favorite method.

   1.    Purchase a ONE VANILLA MASTERCARD OR VISA gift card with $50 on it.
   3.   Once u have purchased the giftcard successfully download Paxful on your burner phone, android, or on your pc.
   4.   Create an account.
   5.   I recommend downloading phone app (burnr, textnow etc..)
   6.   You will also need Protonmail so get that it is encrypted emails.
   7.   Once you sign up for proton and paxful , find a vendor that does onevanilla gift card for bitcoin
   8.   Don't send until funds are in escrow. Don't send until seller responds back.
   9.   Once you have bitcoin go on,, empire market or and buy a CC or fullz
   10.   One CC is purchased use ocks for the cardholders address or, if the cardholder is near you, do not use a vpn just go to a public place.

   11.   Go on and buy 2 steam gift cards and send it to your protonmail.
   12.   If purchase is successful wait 3 hours, then you can buy how many you want. I suggest no more than 15-20
   13.   Once u have successfully purchased all the codes and they are in your email go back to paxful
   14.   You are going to find a vendor that will buy steam gift cards for bitcoin.
   15.   Repeat step 8.
   16.   Once you have bitcoin, send it to your real blockchain address and withdraw from there to your bank account

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