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« on: 08:12:50 AM »
Let me just start off by saying this tutorial wont be as long as my others. But on the other hand, this tutorial is ome of the easier ones. We will be discussing Cashapp, and how we can use it for our own benefit.

Things that we will need:

1. 2 phones. 1 can be yours and you can use a friends phone. Or if you have 2 phones in your own possesion that would work best.
2. Cc matching your zip
3. Fullz matchinng your zip

This is all you will need for this to work.

Step 1: Create a new email in the cardholder/fullz name. Ex. If the name is Will Smith, make the email [email protected]

Step 2: Once youve done that, create a new cashapp account. You can use a number of texting apps to receive the phone verification. (Burnr, textnow, text plus, ect.)

Step 3: Once youve created the account, you’re going to want to link your cc to the account. Simple.

Step 4: Load the “CASH BALANCE” with the cc. Before you can load any money you will have to enter: Full name, SSN, and DOB. You will also need to input and address. That is where the Fullz come in. Once you have dont that you can continue.

Step 5: Load about $200 at a time. Only do this once per card per day. You can wait until the next day to try and hit the card again. The reason we’re going to load the “CASH BALANCE” instead of just sending the money flat out, is that there are no chargebacks. So once the money is on the balance it will always remain.

So make sure you have 1 cashapp you can cashout to. This can be a friends account or your own personal account. But either way, make sure you can physically get the cash from it.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I know it wasnt as long but I hope I got the whole method across clearly for you all to understand.

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