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Tools of Our Forum
« on: 11:00:21 PM »
Dear participants,

As they say, we will be full of more than one forum, that’s why we started launching subsidiary mini-services for our members of the forum.

You can find the current list of tools in the Tools menu, the list will be displayed in a pop-up tab, or in this thread.

Now, in order for each instrument:

Bitcoin Rate
It is a current, every second updated Bitcoin Charts, with the ability to monitor cryptocurrency at a given rate, with the possibility of a sound alert in the browser!
At the moment, monitoring of two major exchanges is available.
In the future, the functionality will be expanded.

Search Beans
One of the most advanced in functionality, from the search engine bins existing in the carding arena.
Extensive selection capabilities, and constantly up-to-date and updated bins, make it an indispensable tool for any carder.

Checking Jabber
Checking Jabber ID on fake. Not new, but always necessary and always available!

Quick notes service, with a fairly wide range of functions.
The ability to set the degree of privacy, expiration date, password, select code markup, etc.

These services are already fully available for use and are waiting for you!
And also, soon we will launch such tools as:

Checker CC
Allows to check cc list for the participants of our forum.

Anonymous file scan for viruses
Anonymous file checking, url, etc. for viruses, without sending reports to AB companies.

Best regards, Forum Administration CARDERBAZAR.NET

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