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Author Topic: selling cc high balance/dump & track/wire transfer/shipping  (Read 627 times)



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We are Verefied Vendors on deepweb markets with 200+ trades and only 2 negative feedback
We sale USA / CA / FR CC and FULLZ
We have frist hand source stuff in small basess.
We will request all user per ADD on jabber bond of just 20$ to mark your self as no time waster / joker ( after paid 20$ it is not refundable )
We will try to be as much polite with each costumer same we except from you
We do not allow tricky users / kids to buy from us all kind of people / buyers that do not fallow our rules will be BLOCK from our sales.
We will have refund bases and non refund bases it means each base that go with valid ratio 85%+ will consider non refundable each base with lower ratio then 85% will have replace time of 5-20minutes.
We Work with only 2 checkers LUX and UNDEF
We only sale via JABBER if some add you and say is us do not deal with it always check OUR JABBER we will never add you frist.
We do offer card check on AVS if you need your BILLING card to match just ask and we will check it for you ( no additional pay )

We do accept escrow
All our good buyers will have VIP system where they will have discounts on cards , also the replace time higher then usual one and much more.
If checker says APPROVE / LIVE do not ask for replace.
Our each base valid ratio going up to 95% honest valid ratio.
_________Contact Us_________

Our Price listing:
USA only PLATINUM / BUSNIESS / SIGNATURE BINS 20$per PC min order 5x
CA CC+CVV random 35$ minimum order 1x
CA CC + CVV FULLZ with +DOB 75$ minimum order 1x
FR CC+CVV random 35$ minimum order 1x
FR CC+CVV +DOB + SSN 75$ minimum order 1x
CC buyers:
We do not gurante the how much balance is on card
We do not gurante will your order be ship with our card
We do not gurante on AVS

We do gurante that you will recive fresh VALID card with non blacklisted source
We do gurante that only you will be the one who has the card.
We use only 2checkers that we have trust wtih ( undef ) and ( lux )

If have any question be free to ask us on PM on our theard we will try to answer all your question.


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How can i get direct contact to Jabber in need for purchase

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