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Author Topic: Sokcs 5 - what is it?  (Read 1177 times)



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Sokcs 5 - what is it?
« on: 03:03:23 PM »
ello guys.

Let's first learn what it is.

I will not write you any terms that 80% you do not understand, I will tell you directly, in short:

Sokcs 5 is a proxy.

Proxy - hides your real ip

In carding, proxies are called socks.

Why do we do this?

For example, we have a credit card in New York, and you are at home in Moscow.

If you want to drive from Moscow ip, then of course you will not miss a payment. Since well, judge for yourself what the fuck dude pays from the Moscow ip in the USA for a store from the map of the USA. This is not logical.

Of course, even the proxy gives some anonymity, well, such a one.

The price of a proxy is usually 0.5-5 $ much cheaper than grandfathers.

The price depends on whether the proxy is clean or not, what risk is fast, which provider, server proxy type or botnet, ports are open.

Here you are probably shocked by incomprehensible words.

Look bro, it's very simple.

There are server proxies - they themselves do it on the servers.

There is a proxy from a botnet - these are the types of proxies that are made on real hacked PCs.

Price proxy per day 0.5 bucks. It is not enough. And why so little?
proxy blacklisted.
The port is open 8080. On the proxy standards, the port should be closed. because the shop fires this garbage and throws fraud points.
Host is too secure provider.
dns is not clear what country, and this is important. Must be one country.

Let's now see the proxy for 2 bucks.

The proxy is clean, without blacks. At the proxy dns country standards. The host is also normal.

The speed is also better.

And why take a sock, and not a grandfather or a tunnel? Grandfather / tunnel is sometimes difficult to find under the city or zip. Well, sometimes there is no, but the sock is much easier.

I hope it is clear explained) Good luck in the theft.

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