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Author Topic: Proxy or SSH (tunnel)?  (Read 1303 times)



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Proxy or SSH (tunnel)?
« on: 03:09:48 PM »
Hi bro. Let's see what is the difference between a SSH (tunnel) and a sock (proxy) and which is better.

I am constantly asked about it. I decided to write a separate article)

Both the tunnel and the sock are used to disguise as the real cardholder, PayPal account, Ebay account, etc. In this they are similar. And how do they differ and which of them to choose?

They differ in "purity" and "validity period". Now I will explain what I mean.

Clean - the presence of ip address in the blacklists. There are quite a few such blacklists. When a bad topic is generated from some ip address, it can be spamming, ddos ??attack, drive-in, etc., it is blacklisted. These blacklists use stores, postal services, etc. When carrying out an operation (shopping in a store, sending a letter), they check the ip address of the person who is trying to conduct this operation for availability in the blacklists. And if the ip is in several blacklists, then most likely this operation will be prohibited, that is, the letter will not be sent, and the purchase will not work.

The presence of ip on blacklist can be checked at

Socks (proxies) are usually more “clean”. And the tunnels are more “dirty”.

Let's now deal with the period of validity) This is how much you can use a sock, or a tunnel. How long can you keep the connection to it, if we speak in other words.

Socks (proxies), live, as a rule, much less than the tunnels. From several tens of minutes to several days. Most often in the region of 6 hours. The tunnels are much more robust. I had a tunnel that worked for half a year)

It would seem that the tunnel is obviously better, but this is a controversial issue. Why? Yes, because the validity period directly affects the purity. Despite the fact that decent sellers sell tunnels and socks in one hand, in most cases they are mined in one way - brute force (brute force combinations). Thus, a large number of sellers sells the same tunnels and proxies, albeit in the same hands. Thus, from one proxy or tunnel sits a few people. And the longer this happens, the higher the chance that the proxy or tunnel will be blacklisted.

What should I choose, a sock or a tunnel? Depending on the situation. If you need one ip for a long time (you need to drive a few times, go to your account for several days, etc.), then it is better to try to find a clean tunnel.

If the procedure is short, it is better to take a sock.

Also, we always try to take a sock or a tunnel closer to the current owner. Therefore, if there is no toe closest in location, but there is a tunnel, then we take a tunnel. Well, and vice versa)

Something like that, bro. I hope now you understand better what the difference between a sock and a tunnel is for a carder. Good luck to you and watch my channel.

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