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Author Topic: High performance Anonymous servers for your business.  (Read 796 times)



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High performance Anonymous servers for your business.
We offer our hidden servers for your business.
Our servers are located in most data centers around the world.
The list of countries is very large.
If the required country is not listed, we will try to solve the problem and provide the required access in the country you need.
All servers are behind NAT with port forwarding.

Our servers are suitable for:

  • Web sites.
  • Adult \ porn content
  • Port scanning and brute. (contact us to clarify the possibility)
  • ZennoPoster
  • Xrumer (direct registration of profiles without a proxy, directly from pure ip, posting too, until ip is not blocked.)
  • GSA (direct registration of profiles without a proxy, directly from pure ip, posting too, until ip is not blocked.)
  • Spam with approval
  • Personal remote secure workplace. No fear of server blocking due to IP complaint and loss of all data.
  • Server is not blocked if IP reputation is corrupted(not in all cases).
  • Data will not be lost due to IP abuse (not in all cases).
  • It is possible to replace the IP address and continue with further actions. (additional paid service)
Our special conditions and uniqueness:
  • Servers are designed to solve a very wide range of tasks.
  • Servers with very high performance in almost every country in the world.
  • You are using the server anonymously. We do not ask for personal data.
  • We can advise on the choice of configuration and country for the needs of your specific business.
  • Lots of payment methods including BTC and other cryptocurrencies.
  • We allow scanning ports / brute / spam from our servers, but in the absence of complaints from the network provider.
  • If the complaint comes from a network provider, it blocks the IP address.
  • The complaint situation varies from country to country. Somewhere they are completely ignored.
  • When the IP address is blocked by the ISP. We are not blocking your server!
  • It becomes necessary to obtain a new IP address for your server. (additional paid service)
  • Replace your server to another country (additional paid service)
  • We do not block your server and all data remains safe.
100%all server resources are used only by you!
100% constant server load allowed!
Free MultiSystem option
Installation of 2 operating systems on the server, working in parallel to use all the server resources for multiple tasks.
Installing Linux + Windows in parallel.
Ability to distribute resources between systems or use all resources at the same time.
The egress IP will be 1
You can use the server to host sites on Linux and work in parallel on Windows.
Usage example:
1) linux: web hosting for your sites and projects.

2)Windows: Xrumer + GSA + Zennoposter to promote and work with your projects.

Start: S10
Threads = 8
HDD = 2TB or SSD = 240 GB
RAM = 30 GB
Price = 149$ \ per month

Start: S20
Threads = 12
HDD = 4TB or SSD = 480 GB
RAM = 60 GB
Price = 199$ \ per month

Start: S30
Threads = 12
HDD = 4TB or SSD = 480 GB
RAM = 120 GB
Price = 249$ \ per month

Start: S40
Threads = 12
HDD = 4TB or SSD = 480 GB
RAM = 250 GB
Price = 299$ \ per month

Good: G12
Threads = 12
NVMe = 1TB
RAM = 120 GB
Price = 349$ \ per month

Good: G24
Threads = 24
NVMe = 2TB
RAM = 120 GB
Price = 399$ \ per month

Threads = 64
NVMe = 2TB + HDD = 6TB
RAM = 120 GB
Price = 666$ \ per month

Threads = 64
NVMe = 4TB + HDD = 12TB
RAM = 500 GB
Price = 999$ \ per month

Network speed All up to 1Gbit. Depends on the country.

Personal hidden workplace plan:
  • Windows 7 \ 10
  • A hidden server for dark activity.
  • Protected from brute force and remote access.
  • Your activity is reliably protected by a network of several hidden servers in different countries.
  • From $ 299 / month (depending on configuration).
  • Configurations:
    • Threads = from 8
    • HDD = from 1TB or SSD from 240GB or NVMe from 1TB
    • Can use multiple drives for SSD \ NVMe system and additional HDD for archives or data
    • RAM from 30 GB
  • All server data backup included in all configurations!
  • You get a server with the required OS. 100% of all traffic of the entire system is encrypted and passes through several tunnel servers in different countries with disabled logs. (this happens without a vpn client inside the OS and bypassing tunnels is impossible!)
  • Log in to the server via encrypted tunnels of several countries.
  • An exit point from a server in another country through a network of encrypted tunnels of several countries..
  • Logs disabled!
  • You will not be found!
  • You and no one else will know in which country your server is physically located and what data is stored on it.!
  • Due to the fact that traffic passes through several countries, the channel speed cannot reach 1 Gbps.
  • Also ping will be higher than standard values.
  • + You get complete anonymity!
  • + You do not store data on your personal computer that could harm you or cause problems with the laws of your country.
  • + You can access your workplace from anywhere in the world and from any equipment. Home computer, laptop at work or tablet / smartphone on vacation!!
  • + Your workplace is always at hand!
  • + Your data does not put you at risk in your daily life!
  • + If your personal computer is lost or defective. Your data is securely stored at your remote workplace and is available around the clock!
  • + Regular backup of all data.
Additional services:
  • New IP = from 19$ (48 hours)
  • Moving the server to another country = from 49$ (72 hours)
  • Data backup = from 49$ \ per month
  • Child porn is prohibited in any form and is punishable by immediate deletion of the server without a refund and without returning backups.
  • Any content that is in one way or another related to terrorism or the financing of terrorism (extremism).
  • Posting content for the purpose of selling or distributing weapons and explosives.
Additions to the rules:
  • Respect the laws of the country where the server is hosted!
  • [All actions contrary to the laws of the country where the server is located must be carried out using DoubleVPN + socks!!!
  • By purchasing the service, you agree to this agreement.
  • You agree to all of the above terms and prices.
  • You may be denied services without explanation!
  • For disrespecting us. Blocking the service without refunding spent funds.
  • For damaging our brand, blocking the service without reimbursing the spent funds
  • All our servers are provided without administration. You control the OS maintenance by yourself. We provide only OS reinstallation.
  • The client himself is obliged to monitor the backups on his server (s), in the event of a hard disk failure or any other force majeure circumstances, our service does not return money. (In most cases, we use hard disk mirroring against data loss.)
  • We will not indemnify for damage, direct or indirect, that may result from damage to the hard drive for any reason.
  • Payment for services is made at least 1 calendar month in advance.
  • Server installation from 48 hours to 14 working days (depends on the availability of components in stock).
  • Terms and conditions could be change without notice.
  • If something does not suit you, then pass by.

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