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Author Topic: Eliminate DNS leak  (Read 1902 times)



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Eliminate DNS leak
« on: 03:13:27 PM »
Simple dns is a technology that allows you to understand different data formats on the Internet. An example of this is domain names. In fact, the browser sees the ip site, which he gets by converting the domain to ip. To do this, it accesses a specific server.
This server can give us away. After all, by default, this server is provided by the provider. And even if we change the ip through a proxy, it happens that the dns is not replaced, but our provider remains. Thus, we burn our real ip and location, which is critical for anonymity, as well as for drive-in. Many shops are firing DNS and if they notice that ip and dns from different countries, most often it’s impossible to drive in (pay with someone else’s attendants), they will immediately realize that they are trying to fuck.
Also, a DNS leak is dangerous in that requests to this server are transmitted in an unencrypted form, and all sorts of guys hackers can do a lot of interesting things for them and bad for you. For example, listen to your traffic, etc.

So how do you check a DNS leak?

Using a special online service.
There are two, in principle, they are not particularly different, the first one gives a bit more information:


You can also look at the site

How to hide your dns?

I will advise you an excellent and simple prog, which on the fly allows you to replace dns. She is very simple and clear, she has a Russified version. In general, all you need) It is called DNS Jumper.

There is a pre-installed list of servers in various countries, you can also add your own.
There is a quick DNS button, with which you can select the fastest server.
You can also choose network adapters, for which you need to replace DNS, also a cool thing)
Well, another advantage of this program is that it is portable and does not require installation.

Good luck, friends, keep your anonymity level!

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