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Author Topic: [Competition $ 1000] For the most attentive!  (Read 6599 times)



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Greetings to all,

On this wonderful holiday, the administration decided to arrange a contest for the most attentive user.

The essence is simple: In one of the topics of our forum, we left a festive Easter eggs, namely: BTC USD CODE, with a denomination of 1000 USD.

The principle is as follows: The one who first found the code activates it, and then it will be written off in this thread.

For the smartest: We set up a search filter, i.e. using the search you can not find this topic. In addition, in order not to fall for your tricks, we put the text of the code on the image.

Also added a few rules to the firewall, those who will try using scripts or software to find the desired combination, are waiting for a ban.

We hope that everything will be at least honest and respectful to the administration of the forum, and the finder will definitely sign off on receipt!

Best regards, Forum Administration CARDERBAZAR.NET

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